Fitz Roy Expedition

Exclusive photo expedition and nature cruise a board the M/V Forrest.
We´ll board the M/V Forrest, this will be our home for the next 7 days of our Photo Expedition through the southern channels.

We’ll sai lthrough the mythical Magellan Strait, arriving at the feet of the Darwin Range and the monumental Monte Sarmiento, in the heart of the huge Alberto de Agostini National Park (14.600 km² / 5.640 sq miles). We’ll navigate through fjords and channels visited by prominent sailors from the 16th to the 19th centuries, such as Magellan or Fitz Roy, where we’ll admire gigantic glaciers descending from the high peaks of this mysterious mountain range, surrounded by waterfalls and temperate native forests still untouched by man. In this environment, we’ll have many opportunities to photograph certain flora species such as the southern beech forests (Nothofagus), the rare Guaitecas cypresses or the Blechnum ferns. We’l lalso observe a great variety of mammals and birds, particularly humpback whales, sea lions, fur seals, sea elephants, Magellan penguins, wild geese, ibises and cormorants, among others.



Day 0 Punta Arenas
Arrival in Punta Arenas. Evening meeting at the hotel and welcome dinner.

Day 1 Punta Arenas – Carlos III Island
Departing from your Hotels at 8 am, we’ll drive out to Punta Carrera (area of Fort Bulnes), from where we’ll board and weigh anchor at 9 am.  Setting off on our adventure, we’ll sail across the Straits of Magellan towards Isla Carlos III in the Francisco Coloane Marine Park (260 sq miles).

Day 2 Carlos III Island – Helado Glacier
In the early morning we’ll navigate through Barbara channels towards the Helado Glacier. In the afternoon we’ll look for whales in the surroundings of Rupert Isle, where we´ll observe sea lions, penguins, skúas, storm petrels and albatrosses.

Day 3 Carlos III Island – Bárbara Channel
All the day we’ll look for whales in the surroundings of Bárbara Channel, Charles island and Rupert Isle.
Sailing all night through the Magellan Strait towards the De Agostini Sound.

Day 4 De Agostini Sound – Angelito Bay
In the night , we enter the Magdalena Channel and the Kyats Fjord, travelling towards the De Agostini Sound. We’ll then set anchor at Angelito Bay
In the morning we’ll visit Aguila Glacier and kayaking in Bahía Angelito.  On midday  we departure on direction of the Serrano or De Agostini Glaciers.

Day 5 Gabriel Channel - Almirantazgo Sound
In the morning we’ll visit Vergara Glacier.  On midday  we departure on direction of the Canal Gabriel, a narrow crossing of extraordinary beauty that leads us into Almirantazgo Sound. From here we’ll continue our journey towards Azopardo Bay to visit a colony of black-browed albatrosses. We’ll then set anchor at Parry Fjord.

Day 6 Caleta María – Jackson Bay
Visit a colony of black-browed albatrosses in a little isle, and colony of sea elephants in Jackson Bay. We’ll then set anchor at Parry Fjord.
We’ll sail into Parry Fjord to admire a spectacular glacier surrounded by the highest icy peaks of the Darwin Range.

Day 7 Punta Carrera – Punta Arenas
We´ll navigate through Gabriel Channel towards our final destination. After disembarking we´ll be driven back to Punta Arenas to our hotel.

  Trip highlights

You’ll have the chance to photograph a large variety of wildlife, including the humpback whale, sea lions, furseals, sea elephants, penguins, cormorants, geese, black-browed albatrosses, giant petrels, spotted petrels, silver petrels and skúas, among others.

We´ll visit the Águila, De Agostini, Santa Inés Glaciers and others amongst very pristine sceneries ideal for landscape photography. Accompanying us, there will always be an experienced nature scientist, knowledgeable of this environment

Expedition Details

Departure Dates 2017
• January 7 to 13 - 2017 - CLOSE
• January 16 to 22 - 2017
• February 18 to 24 - 2016

Price per participant
- USD$ 2.990 per person

For bookings and queries, please write to

Trip confirmation deposit
USD$ 600

Minimum number of participants
10, maximum 18.


The price of the expedition includes:

Previus night in hotel
Welcome dinner
Transport to and from the boat, accommodation, meals, guide services and open bar.

Not included in the expedition price:

Local flights, tips, travel insurance, Chilean entry tax, excess baggage charge, extra beverages, a la carte menu, laundry service, phonecalls and any other items or services of personal nature.


During the sea voyage, the activities described in this programme will not necessarily be carried out in this order. We will study the weather conditions on a day-to-day basis to make the best use of our time and of any possibilities of visiting new areas. Some disembarkment points will also vary, depending on the interests of the group or the weather conditions.

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