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So much has been written about the bleak landscapes found at the southern tip of the American continent. The stories left behind by those first brave men who ventured into these lands, have become a staple of literature for any explorer eager to discover the untamed nature of these lands “at the end of the world”. Only too well-known are the cases of expeditions that fell prey to the merciless weather conditions of the Patagonia. But beyond all these mishaps, this area and especially the Magellan Strait, offers a stunning spectacle for anyone willing to explore these unforgettable landscapes.

We have published 3 books about Patagonia, the Magellan Strait and Antarctica, all of which are currently on sale. In order to promote our scenic beauties, we decided to create a digital version of these printed books, offered in a PDF format. You can download them directly from here, by doing a right click and selecting “Save Target As”. This saves us the hassle of shopping baskets and download websites which are always a bit of a drag. I’ve thought of asking for US$3 each. We’re working with the Paypal Donation system, through which you will be able to contribute whatever you consider to be a fair sum. With your support I will be able to continue creating this material to show to the world.

Through the editorial “Patagonia Interactiva”, we have published several books magazines, maps, multimedia CDs and posters, among others. His themes cover the whole of the Magellan Region, with specialized books on Antarctica, the Strait of Magellan and Patagonia in general. To find out more about these products, visit www.patagoniainteractiva.com

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